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“Donate blood! Save a life”

News Outdoor Romania supported the outdoor campaign communication between 14th of June and 14th of July in 2009.
Types of locations used: Citylights in Bucharest.

Give blood, save a life!

The “Give blood! Save a life!” campaign is the first integrated CSR project created by Logo Bigger. A visit to the Hematology Institute, as donors, was enough to convince us of the need for such a project.
The campaign was created together with the Voluntary Blood Donors Foundation and aims to draw attention on the lack of blood the Institute constantly faces, to inform and sensitize the public and attract voluntary, educated donors.
The creative solution focuses on a strong insight: Romanians don’t give blood especially because they aren’t aware of the need of blood in hospitals. This is how the “Nothing replaces blood” concept was born.
Started on the International Donor’s Day, the integrated campaign (TV, radio, print and OOH ads), was also supported by PR and a series of unconventional actions, including the creation of an art gallery in the Institute’s waiting room.
On June 14 and 15, several TV hosts agreed to voluntarily wear a red T-shirt bearing the campaign message, “Give blood! Save a life!” during prime-time shows.

VIITOR PLUS – „Adopt a tree”

Communication channels used in this campaign with the support of News Outdoor Romania by facilitating outdoor partnerships:

  • Media Partner PHOENIX MEDIA

News Outdoor Romania was the partner for the fundraising campaign “Viitor Plus – “Adopt a tree”.

The campaign was carried out at national level using a mix of formats in cities like: Bucharest, Brasov, Craiova, Deva, Iasi, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Sibiu, Timisoara, between 1th of July and 30 of August in 2008.

Therefore, the growth of approx. 15,600 trees on 39 hectares is required an investment of 10 euros / tree (35 Ron). This covers the cost of seedlings (10 for each tree brought to maturity), supplements, care work, design, project management, in 6 years of administration. Mature trees were “give for adoption” to the people and companies interested.

The Campaign Renasterea “Pink Line”

September 2009

This campaign’s idea was to indicate a telephone number where people can call and ask all about breast cancer control. They wanted the info-line promotion in a unconventional way using a daring visual that brings attention.

It’s important that women find out about this info-line and know they can call in every moment to talk to a specialist about their breast. Result of this campaign, a lot of women called to talk about their problems.

Other campaigns CSR

News Outdoor Romania has supported these programs by providing outdoor advertising space.




The Campaign “To walk together in the European Union!”

In this regard, during 2009, Information Center ED CENTRAS from Bucharest managed to collect with the partners’ support over 50 days of outdoor display in the capital’s center and more than 400 days of display in the means of transport. In addition, the Center has been vigorously promoted amoung young audience, promotional materials being present in over 100 schools and high schools in Bucharest.

Information Center EUROPE DIRECT CENTRAS from Bucharest

  • Communication with citizens and their involvement in decision making is a priority for the European Union, the European Commision trying to keep in touch the public and the press on the activities of the European Union.

The Promomotion Campaign 2009:

  • The communication project EUROPE DIRECT is new for European Union, especially for Romania. The Information Center EUROPE DIRECT CENTRAS team felt the need to increase the visibility of its actions at the local level so people know the opportunities that the European Union provides for them.
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